I have always been amazed at the capability of the human body. I remember the feeling I had when I learned to do a cartwheel as a kid in my backyard in Louisiana. First, I was in awe that one’s body could do such a thing and then overwhelmed by the wonderful physical sensations it gave me. Energy seemed to penetrate every cell of my body. In that moment I felt completely whole. The different parts of my being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual were held together in harmony, creating a wonderful sense of being aligned with the universe. It is this sense of wonder that fuels all my work.

No matter what modality I use, and often it’s a combination, I work to facilitate the needs of the individual client. I believe that successful bodywork is teamwork, between the client and the practitioner, focused on the body as both instrument and guide. With this focused teamwork we are able to:

  • bring freedom where there was tightness
  • circulation where there was stagnation
  • connection where there was isolation and
  • replenished energy where things were depleted.

The ultimate goal is to bring you to a place of balance and homeostasis where you are able to re-inhabit your body.

I spent nearly 20 years as a founding member of the Mark Morris Dance Group. In my life as a dancer, which included work with Mikhail Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project and Susan Marshall and Company, dance wasn’t just a job or profession, but a vocation. It was something I felt I had to do. This devotion and dedication is now carried over to my bodywork and teaching yoga. Before I had any formal hands on training people would come to me with their aches and pains. My hands intuitively knew what to do– Like my grandfather, who was a traiteur, a Cajun faith healer, which involves the laying on of hands.

I’m a nationally registered yoga teacher, a certified craniosacral therapist and licensed massage therapist. I teach yoga at Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation in Hudson, NY and privately in New York City and have maintained a private bodywork practice for over 19 years.

Body Wellness Works approach:
I believe we all have the potential to live pain-free. Yoga, cranial work and massage all work toward achieving this goal through different approaches and applications. In yoga practice we strive for physical and spiritual unity to experience our true nature. In Craniosacral therapy we are working to implement the bodies self-correcting mechanisms to relieve held tissues and restore health. And in massage therapy tightness in the soft tissue of the body is relieved to restore freedom of movement. My aim is to offer all I know regarding these different modalities and with this knowledge devise the best therapeutic plan for the individual client.